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One On One Coaching you to your Health and Fitness Goals

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Sometimes you just want someone there to follow you around slapping bad food out for your hand!

And while I can't quite do that, I CAN be there to check up on you and help you through the times when you just want to give up or don't know where you're going wrong.  
It really starts in your mind, with what you're telling yourself without even realising. 
Mental blocks are MASSIVE when it comes to changing your habits and changing your life. And that's what I'm here to help you with.

If you're keen to make a change, but just can't quite get the hang of sticking to it when things get too much, then this is for you. 
Whether you've already lost the weight, but are struggling to keep it off. Or if you get to a certain point and can't quite stay motivated, this is for you. 

Imagine the freedom and confidence that comes when you know EXACTLY how to work out your food & exercise plans, and actually follow through on your goals.
It feels so darn good when you actually DO IT! 

4 weeks of me cheering you on, and helping you pinpoint your areas of struggle.
Lets make changes that will last! 

What my clients have to say:
"I did some one on one coaching with Heather, Heather was amazing, very helpful with guiding me and giving me someone to be accountable to. Through the one on one coaching sessions I learnt alot about what 'I need to do' to get to my goals. I highly recommend Heather's one on one coaching to anyone. Heather is a Fantastic, positive, awesome lovely person who strives to help others , And an amazing mum!"   -  Wendy Scott

What does this include??

>> Full Goal setting workshop ($50 Value)
With a PDF Goal setting workbook to keep you focused.

>> Initial consultation 30min + resting tests (online tests will include weight + measurements) ($40 Value)

>> Fitness Testing session 20-30min ($40 value)

>> Nutrition Log analysis and recommendations ($39 Value)
With your Macro's calculated

>> Exercise, we will together create a 4 week exercise schedule for you (that works with your schedule) so that you know what you're training and when, and also finding ways to ramp it up when it's just not working. ($80 Value)

>> Weekly 40min PT session via Zoom or In person (Blockhouse Bay) ($200 Value)

>> 20min Weekly Check-In and Action Plan session with me via Messenger. 
We will get you an action plan for the week so that you are 100% clear about what you need to do. ($120 Value)

>> You'll have 1 on 1 access to me whenever you need to confess, or someone to chat to about how you're feeling and be given a boot up the bum when needed too. ;) ($80 Value)

>> Plus Goal reminder messages and motivational quotes throughout the week to help you get through those moments of weakness (Like the WEEKENDS!!) ($40 Value)

That's $689 Value for just $297.30!!!!


Initial consultation, 
Testing session, including active testing & resting tests
4 x Action plan Consults via phone, Messenger or in person 
Nutrition Log analysis and recommendations
Exercise Schedule & 1 x 40min online or in person PT session per week
1 x Goal Setting Workshop 

Weekly Goal Setting 
Weekly chat/debrief
Weekly goal reminders throughout the week, when you need them most

One on One access to me

Option to add extra Personal Training session at request:
30min = $30 (normally $40)
45min = $40 (normally $50)
60min = $50 (normally $60)



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