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Christmas Coaching Package - LIMITED TIME AND PLACES

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I don't normally offer a One Off Coaching session, because the Accountability, follow up and execution of the plan is what gets the results. 
However, at this time of year you just need a freeking plan to set up and stick to, so this is your chance to get a taste of the coaching experience without the ongoing weekly calls.

I know Christmas is hard out crazy.
But taking a moment to get yourself together, assess your situation and decide what you want will give you MORE energy to put yourself in the drivers seat.
I've got One Off sessions available, very short term. And you can grab one before Santa Claus squeezes down your chimney! 

**Your ultimate goal. What is it that you want.... really want. And who can help you get there. Because support is the ultimate SECRET for long term weight loss. (Goal setting workshop - $50)
**We'll focus a lot on what problems you consistently run into, that has stopped you in the past from making it long term. (Consult - $59)
**Check in on your current eating habits and how to make your food enjoyable WHILE YOU LOSE WEIGHT. (Part of consult)
**We'll then focus on sussing out your food. Is the food you're eating working for you? If not what can we change and also HOW TO HANDLE THE SILLY SEASON without too much damage to your goals!! (Meal planning $39)
**We will create an action plan based on what you need to work on and can start working on right now!  And HOW we can make this possible throughout the holiday period. (Action plan - $39)

**Exercise schedule, this part is actually gonna give you MORE energy to get through the holidays and feel alive and vibrant!!
**Accountability- This is what's gonna keep you focused. We don't just set it up and forget. I will be following you up on messenger in 2 more times (before Xmas and New Years) to make sure you're on top of things. (Follow up $49)

This package is Valued at $236.00
And you get it for a crazy $87.30!!

Limited to just 8 spots.


"As a busy working mum i needed someone to help me stay on track and be accountable. Thanks for your tips, tricks and relate-able advice. If you are serious about making a change i would recommend you contact Heather"
- Sandie

"Heather I can't thank you enough, the changes I've made from working with you, shock me. But what changes they have been! I have never known such support and no question is a silly one. It's not only changed me, but also how others interact with me Thank you so much!"
- Irene

"All the other weight loss programs I've tried, I have NEVER received the support that I'm receiving from Heather. She actually listens and keeps listening and will Follow up with ongoing support. I have never met someone so passionate and so willing to help like this chickey does"
- Sarah

"I've developed some really great new habits that have turned into part of my everyday life.

Thanks so much Heather"
- Les



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