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Hettie's Holiday Program

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Hettie's Holiday Program

Dec 6th 2021 - Jan 30th 2022


I get it, it's Christmas, you want to enjoy yourself and not be all strict like you have been all year. 
But cast your mind into the future for a moment.......

It's January 15th and you've had a lot of Holiday "do's", BBQ's and end of year functions and all out PARTIES.
Feeling quite dehydrated from the excess of beersies over the holiday period
you think,
"man, I really feel like I need to get back into my healthy mode again"
so you jump on the scales to see what damage has been done. I mean, you lost 8kgs last year, so surely it can't be too bad.

Big breath.

You hop on the scales and look down to your feet.

"Are you freeking kidding me?!" You exhale in disappointment as you see that you have literally managed to un-do 1 whole years worth of training and healthy eating in 6 weeks.

Come back to current day/time with me now.
Did that feel as bad for you as it did for me?


Well, I have good news for you.

That situation doesn't have to occur that way!

I'm bringing you a brand new: 8 Week. Holiday program to take you through the holidays with 1 eye on your goals and the other still allowing you to party and enjoy this time!

What's included?
  • 8 Week program split into 3 Phases 
    >> Pre-Christmas
    >> Official Holiday Period
    >> New Year

  • One on One Personal Goal setting and planning session at start of program and in the New Year phase

  • Weekly Group Fitness Session Online (if you cannot make the time a replay will be available) in phase 1 & 3

  • Written Home Bootcamp workouts 
  • Nutrition Logging accountability 

  • Personalised Macro calculation

  • Weekly Check-ins in Phase 1 & 3

  • Video Lessons on navigating parties, NEAT and more

  • Private Facebook Group where we can keep our tight knit group Accountable and supported throughout the holidays

  • RECIPES!!!!!! and Sample Meal plan. 

*program is valued at $387.00!! So get in there and take advantage of this amazing offer!


This program will suit all Fitness levels. The workouts can either be done with Bodyweight or some sessions will have options to use Weights if you have them too, so no equipment is required.

I'm here to guide you through these next 8 weeks and ensure that you leave the holiday period in a better position than you started. 

Don't fall in to the same trap that you did last year, and the year before that and let the holidays un-do everything you've been trying so hard for. 

You won't regret it!

But wait there's more <<<<< hahahaha I've always wanted to say that like Susan Paul
If you sign up for this program over the Cyber Weekend you'll also get my At Home Booty Builder eBook as well!



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