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Four Weeks to a Healthier, Fitter and more Focused You. 

15th April - 12th May 2019 

A past member of my focused in four program, Irene, really understands why I focus this program on changing your mindset.
Irene was terrified of going outside to go for her walks, she just felt like everyone was looking at her, judging her and making fun of her.
After going through the program Irene had a realisation that this limit that she was placing on herself was all SELF created. And that the only one stopping her from getting outside was herself.
She now walks outside confidently and regularly and she just feels 10000 times lighter without the weight of that heavy burden on her shoulders.

It always starts in the mind. And if you're not achieving your results long term then there's a block that is limiting you.
That's why we focus on a change in mindset.

I would love for you to come and join me for Four Weeks on Facebook!!

This is NOT just a program where I hand you the info and leave you to it.

Personal Accountability EVERY WEEK
I will personally be touching base with you each week to see what's going on and have a mini consult each and every week.
*This service alone is worth over $200.00

You'll also be getting 2-3 home workouts per week. Via video, so we can work out together and PDF that you can print out and do at your own pace. 
* Value $160.00

Nutrition guidelines and optional Meal plan
*Value $80.00

Mindset Training: Tools to start changing your mindset and to address the blocks that you have that have Limited you in the past. 
If you think you Sabotage your Health & Fitness goals, then these will be massively important to you.
*Value $200

That's a package valued at $640.00!!!!!!

Is this program for you?

This program is for Ladies who are Beginner - Intermediate Level fitness, who have busy lifestyles and just can't seem to find the time to get to the gym so are looking for something to do at home.

Ladies who have mental hurdles that need to be addressed and accountability to give them a reason to keep following through.

Women who either don't know where to start or want some new techniques to help their mind align with their goals.
My members are at the point where they want to cut the b.s. and start following through on their goals!

You want to
> Gain a new mindset!
> Lose Fat
> Improve your fitness
> Tone up with a bit of lean muscle
> Gain energy
> Break some bad habits and create some new great ones
> Gain Routine & Clarity

> Private Accountability messages with Heather once a week
> Weekly Mindset Challenges to challenge your limiting beliefs and get you through to the next level
> 30mins 2-3 times per week in your lounge room, no equipment required
> Cardio Recommendations
> General Nutrition Advice & Optional Meal plan. 
> Send accountability details to Heather at the start and finish.
   Includes weight, measurements, photos, fitness test & goals

This program is capped at 20 people. So get in there and secure that spot. It's time to put yourself First for a change!!!

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