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Empower Me Cards Set

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A few years ago, we learned that what you say to yourself is sooooo important. 
So you need to surround yourself with words that lift you up, lift your energy and raise your vibration.

We discovered how important it was to have visual reminders all around us of our goals. 
And so our house became filled with Post It notes, Vision boards, posters and photos of people we admired, and of ourselves achieving our goals. 

Back then we had an idea. We said "we should create some cards to go in our wallets and to put around the place too". And we coined the name "Empower me cards ".

And after much procrastinating we have created our first set. :)

Place these around your home, in your wallet, in your car, gift them to friends who may need a wee pick me up. And just watch how as you focus on the good, the good comes so freely to your life. 



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