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"I work out all the time, but I still look the same! No matter how hard I work out". 

That phrase right there is what I get told SO MUCH!

And what I always respond with is, 
"what's your eating like?"

They eat relatively healthy.... majority of the time.
Which is great, but if that healthy food doesn't meet your marconutient levels then you're just not gonna lose that fat. You're not going to look nice and toned, and those bat wings aren't going anywhere.

We need to get your Meal plan to match your exercise routine and your daily life. So we will discuss you current eating habits, work out your personal Macronutrient and calorie intake, then we can together create a Meal plan to match.

Now I know that a LOT of factors go in to whether this will be achievable for you to stick to.
Kids, enjoyment, dietary needs/restrictions.
So I work alongside with what you normally eat, add in some extra options and take out what is letting you down.

A week later I'll follow up with you to see how you're getting on. What's been happening and if we need to adjust anything. 

Once you purchase this product you'll be sent a questionnaire to complete so that I can cater your Meal Plan specifically to your body, your activity level, and your goals.
Please note that this may not come through instantly, but if you haven't received it to your email in an hour of purchase then please email me or contact the Woken Giants Facebook page.

I've run Weight Loss programs for over 4 years now and have helped hundreds of women lose weight and transform their bodies (an minds). I've seen what separates the long term changes from the 8 weeks changes.
And how to make it part of your Life.

I believe in the 80/20 rule where you are 80% on track all of the time and allowing yourself 20% wiggle room to enjoy the things you love.
This increases sustainability and starts to create a lifestyle, rather than it just being another "diet".

So what are you waiting for??
Take that step.
Commit to taking the action required to life your Healthiest life! 

Chat soon.

Messages to my inbox. ;)

"How much weight is too much to lose? . (And yes I need to stop weighing every morning/night)  I'm down another 500gms from yesterday. So I'm now up to 4.2kgs lost in 2 weeks"
- Hannah

"I was like, omg it does work! Getting on so well with the food. I've bloody lost 5kgs in 4 weeks!"

"I've lost 5 kgs in the 3 weeks Heather! I’m not breastfeeding anymore so I think I need it reviewed 😜 the last one you did was great!"
- Melanie



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