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NEW DECADE 4 Week Weight Loss Challenge 2020

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6th January - 2nd February 2020


After the success of our Christmas Challenge we've just gotta do it again!! This time we're gonna kick off the decade with a Focused Four Week Challenge to get you on track with your New Year Goals.

We are taking it back to the beginning and focusing on the Basics for 4 weeks only.
Why not 8 or 12 weeks???
Because we want to set goals in an achievable timeframe. Goals that you can fully believe that you can achieve.

We often buy programs or start challenges that are 8-12 weeks long and while they are AMAZING for seeing side by side transformations, the reality is that for some of us, it's just too dang long!! We give up early, coz that finish line is waaaay too far away, so we put it out of our minds...... not so good for staying focused huh??

So this shorter challenge is here to keep you in it to the end. And, we have a cash prize up for the winner!
What's 4 weeks right??

The Cash Prize amount will be dependent on how many participants we get.
$5 of each entry is put towards the prize money. So if we get 10 people the prize will be $50, if we get 50 people the prize will be $250 ect. 
Last round we had 117 Members! So that prize got jacked up to $585!!!

This Challenge will give you:
>> 4 weeks in our Private Challenge Facebook Support group.
>> 1 Weekly Challenge each week with a Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset aspect, for you to complete and keep you active and engaged. 
>> You will also need to submit your weight each week for Accountability. 
>> You'll get access to a private Facebook Group forum where you will be surrounded with women on the same journey as you. 
>> You will send your weigh in for 4 out of the 5 weeks (You may NOT miss the initial or final weigh in) to be eligible to win the prizes.
>> 1 Workout of the week that requires little to no equipment.
>> Recipe ideas

>> Also the option to upgrade to have Mentor-ship via Messenger with Heather where we will discuss your food, exercise, and mental barriers
Please note: these spots are limited so you'll need to get in quickly if you want the extra Coaching and Support.
Click here for more info on that >> https://www.wokengiants.co.nz/products/copy-of-one-on-one-coaching-with-heather

This Challenge is associated with the Women Empowering Women Facebook group, and is another way we can support each other with the journey. 

More FAQ's available in the group Women EmpoweringWomen - Body and Mind NZ

If you have any questions you're welcome to ask them on the group or email Heather at hkw5@hotmail.com

Challenge will commence on Monday 6th January and end on the 2nd February 2020

If you decide to withdraw you must do so before the 5th January 2020. No refunds will be given after the start date of 6th January 2020.



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