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  I was in the kitchen organising the kids lunches for the week ahead. I thought, I’ll use up all these Feijoas and Bananas that are going to go off if they don’t get used and make muffins! Great idea right? Kids get muffins, fruit gets used and eaten, everybody wins! Well actually no, not everybody wins. Why? Because when I get a whiff of those freshly baked muffins my taste buds swell and before I know it I’ve eaten 3 of the damn things, all before they’ve cooled off (because that’s the best time to eat them right!) and...

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You're on your weight loss journey, you're winking at yourself with pride at how well you've been doing, you even notice that your jeans are sliding up super easy and that your top is a little loose around the tummy. You got this down, this weight loss thing is a piece of cake........And then it hits. That feeling of mouth watering salivation when you get a wiff of freshly cooked hot chips coming from the staff room. "Want some?" your workmate asks? You're torn, you want that hot body, all those health benefits, you want to feel great, but you...

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